Team Building & Blending Initiatives

Viewing team building and blending as an ongoing process, Gaffney Corporate Strategies facilitates the development of effective teams through addressing goals, roles, resources, relationships, processes, and interconnections. 

Team members are guided through a process to help clarify and increase effectiveness to the productivity of the organization. 

The following areas are assessed and an action plan is created to expand individual and group competencies.
  • Goals - What is the purpose, business focus, priorities and commitment to team goals as members manage the work to be done for the organization?
  • Roles - What are the individual and group expectations of the team? Who has responsibility and accountability for what?
  • Resources - What do individual members contribute in terms of skills, strengths, and diversity? How are these resources assessed?  What are the assumptions and norms around team efforts?
  • Relationships - Are communications open, and is there trust and support for team members?
  • Processes - How does the team operate when making decisions, handling differences, setting agendas, giving both personal and task-related feedback?
  • Interconnections - What are the dependencies required of each individual team member in to relation to other members of the team? Who needs to work with whom, for what, when, and why?