Retention and Engagement

Appreciating that a stable workforce is a contradiction in terms, Gaffney Corporate Strategies has developed a comprehensive retention model to assist organizations in retaining their most valuable assets.

Even though the economy is tight, organizations are finding it challenging to hire, train, and retain qualified, productive, and engaged employees. Individuals eventually leave a company at the first opportunity presented rather than remain in an undesirable setting. 

Since unfilled positions and turnover takes a toll, companies are forced to examine or reexamine why employees leave, and why they stay.

There is no single approach to engaging and retaining employees. Multiple variables exist that an organization cannot control. It is critical that a company addresses what it can control for engaging and retaining its valued employees. The review of the literature on engagement, turnover, and retention suggests the need for a comprehensive and systemic approach to engage and retain employees.

The strategic retention model and Role Criticality Process GCS has developed is a comprehensive process that aligns appropriate employee wants and needs with corporate systems, selection processes, structure, and strategies. 

Designated individuals are guided through a process based on industry realities, corporate culture, company structure, business objectives, recruitment, hiring, transfer strategies, onboarding programs, employee communications, evaluation, rewards, and management style to engage and retain.