Outplacement and Career Transition Programs

Recognizing that sponsoring career transition assistance to employees whose positions are terminated demonstrates commitment to all staff members - even those who must leave, Gaffney Corporate Strategies provides individual and group corporate outplacement programs at a range of levels. Outplacement acts as a bridge for the impacted person between the position held within your organization and the individual's next career move. 

Outplacement reduces the negative effect of termination for the individual while helping your company create a more positive corporate image.

Programs are delivered face-to-face, virtually, at your company, or at a designated site appropriate for the size and level of participants. Online technology is utilized for all levels of program delivery.

The transition-assistance programs consist of complete outplacement and abbreviated individualized programs. The group sessions can be customized to one, two or three days.

Gaffney corporate outplacement includes pre-termination consulting with our client companies and post-termination conference with our candidates on the day of impact. Our organization provides ongoing feedback to our sponsoring client companies.