Legacy Coaching

Believing that consciously or unconsciously we leave an ongoing personal and professional legacy, Gaffney Corporate Strategies provides Legacy Coaching - facilitating a self-discovery process that organizes life experiences into meaningful information to guide current and future choices.

Your legacy is dynamic and changing as you live your life. All day, everyday, you make choices that create your personal history - your LEGACY. Your legacy appears in many varieties and manifests itself in numerous ways. 

Your legacy consists of the knowledge you have and care to share with others. It is your insights, style, humor, and the many things you said or did that is meaningful to you and might interest or help someone else. It's how you respond to life's opportunities and disruptions. 

Your legacy is what you are remembered for and what others think about when your name is mentioned. It's what falls in your wake and in the residue that remains because you are or were there. Your legacy is present when you are actively in or after you have moved on from your current position.

You've spent a few years on this planet and have valuable lessons to share. Legacy Coaching assists you in harnessing wisdom from those experiences and apply  them in making crucial individual and organizational decisions. 

Gaffney Corporate Strategies operates as either a coach for designated individuals within the organization, or as a trainer for selected in-house mentors to learn and later facilitate legacy coaching processes.