Integrated Business Planning

Believing that strategy should be created with implementation in mind, Gaffney Corporate Strategies works with organizations to systemically and systematically align internal structures, processes, and culture with the challenges of the external environment. 

Working with corporate leadership, GCS assesses the organization using a 5-S methodology to determine if the Strategy, Structure, Systems, Staffing and Stakeholders together with its Culture are the best design and direction for organizational optimization.

Gaffney Corporate Strategies guides the organization through an integrated process that creates a workable action plan to respond and adapt to the changing marketplace. 

The integrated approach combines an internal and external focus that looks at a near-term and long term strategy. Analysis is conducted to assess what is going on inside the organization and how well it responds to the external environment. 

In collaboration with the leadership team and other critical employees, there is examination of the:

  • company purpose and stated mission
  • key issues
  • industry trends
  • management capabilities and style
  • unchallenged assumptions
  • people and HR systems
  • use of resources
  • formal systems of rewards
  • corporate culture and norms of operation
  • decision-making process
  • communication style
  • information systems
  • use of technology
  • core and distinctive competencies
  • market and competitive position
  • interactions with key customers and suppliers
  • industry or company specific considerations