Forecasting & Planning for Employee Selection

Operating under the premise that employee retention begins with a strong recruitment and hiring strategy, Gaffney Corporate Strategies assists organizations in developing the systems necessary to project, select, and hire employees.

It is essential that management identifies the critical skills needed to perform the work of the organization. 

Human forecasting is used to guide your organization in accessing the human brain power needed, when needed, and for what it is needed. It is a method by which the number, title, time frame and location of people required to fill business objectives are projected for a specified period of time. 

Once these skills have been identified, an appropriate recruiting system is created, and appropriate strategies are developed to grow and retain skilled employees. 

Capacity Planning provides the comprehensive master plan needed for all the brain-gaining efforts required to fulfill the needs of the human forecast. 

Brain-gaining efforts include the utilization of all traditional and nontraditional methods and programs required to fill open positions within an organization. These include, but are not limited to, internal and external sourcing, internal transfers, use of contingency labor, short or long term talent partnerships, and traditional recruiting and succession planning efforts.

Retention research reports that much of the turnover that occurs in a company is programmed in at the time of a wrong hire. Poor selection is many times the result of ineffective recruiters. 

Recruiters need to be trained and skilled in screening and interviewing existing and potential employees. The recruiters must be able to articulate the organization's culture in the selection process, and assess whether or not the individual's needs are a match for what the company requires.