Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Believing that organizational members who consciously utilize teachable moments to communicate commitment to employee growth and engagement, Gaffney Corporate Strategies provides coaching and mentoring programs designed to address this on-going development need. 

GCS operates as either a coach for designated individuals within the organization, or as a trainer for selected in-house organizational mentors to learn coaching and mentoring program methodology.

Functioning as the coach, Gaffney works in a collaborative relationship to meet the needs of the client. Based on the client's needs, existing talents, skills and strengths are identified and used as a bridge to develop competencies needed to accelerate personal growth.

Functioning as the trainer on coaching and mentoring programs for organizational mentors, Gaffney guides participants through a 'coaching as mentoring' model. 

The basic elements of coaching and mentoring concepts - including purpose, practices, materials, environment, interactions, feedback, follow-up and follow-through are integrated into the organization's existing growth and development programs.